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29th-Apr-2007 12:10 am(no subject)
ann and i
omg i havent been on here in like forever!!! myspace is just so much better... so anyone who has myspace who i dont already have as a friend and u know who u are!!! send me your link so i can add u!! and leeshie i miss u, i havent seen u for so long and im dying to see you! xoxox
18th-Sep-2006 08:36 pm(no subject)
ann and i
i hate clancy
i got my hair cut and i look like a nanna
i have a sore foot.
sorry about all the complaining but it had to be done
20th-Feb-2006 11:20 am(no subject)
ann and i
well i havent updated since like forever so i thought i would!
it was my birthday yesterday but it was shit cause i had to go to work but i went out for dinner and that was good it was sooooo yummy and i ate way to much! then i realised i locked my keys in the flat and bridget was at kims so i was like oh fuk. i finally got onto bridget and she told me she was coming home then like 1/2 hr later i get a phone call saying bridget has to go to hospital so i had to make my brother drive me to kims to get the keys... thanks brother
i went out with mitch and leesh on saturday night that was lots of fun.. leeshes was sooooo funny and so drunk on her whole 2 drinks! after being out for while we went back to my place and hung out on our balcony i thought leesh was going to fall off a few times cause she kept hanging oiver the egde wither that or she would knock her drink off the edge but niether happened. later bridget and all her friends came home so it was like wow party but mithc leesh and went to bed cause i had to work! but yeh thats about it
kiki and ann go to melbourne soon bye guys and kim goes london soon bye kim
well i have to go back to work!
18th-Jan-2006 11:53 pm(no subject)
ann and i
ive got two things to say. FUCK andleesh i need to talk to you ASAP.
15th-Jan-2006 05:39 pm(no subject)
ann and i
so i survived my first week at myer! it was ok i m just hanging stuff up which isnt the greatest but hey thats what the new people always do! i cant wait to get my first pay cheak so i can go shopping! havent been doing ot much else i went to the palace in coogee for lunch today that was good its the best spot there and they have $4 coronas on saturdays from 4-8 so thast pretty cool even though i dont drink them but hey!
not much else to say so yeh bye
6th-Jan-2006 08:00 pm(no subject)
ann and i
its so bad mum and dad have been out the last few nights and i find myself eatig ice cream for dinner night after night its so bad!
i start working at myer on sunday which i am really looking foward just because it will be awsome getting to work at bondi junction everyday!
the fisrt thing i am going to do is get a new phone i am going to get a motorola razor but i havent decided if i will get a pink one or a black one. im leaning towards black even though pink is my favourite colour i will probably get sick of it. anyway thats about it.
hope everyone is well!
27th-Dec-2005 09:15 pm(no subject)
ann and i
so for christmas i got 2 of those iTunes music cards and i need help choosing music cause i really dont know hwta to get.. ideas anyone? please feel free... artist or song name
27th-Dec-2005 06:52 pm(no subject)
ann and i
so i am no longer homeless. i have a home which is good. i was never really worried but hey! i was looking foward to but i will get over it.
its not worth ruining a friendship although i think bridget now hates me for some unknown reason to me. im sure i will get over that one to though. shes cool and all but if she doesnt want to talk to me then ok
26th-Dec-2005 04:36 pm(no subject)
ann and i
i am now homeless
22nd-Dec-2005 10:25 pm - !!
ann and i
well i just got home from a lovely dinner with my bootiful friends mitchell and leesh it was a great night that consisted of eached, drinking and playing the pokies. ok so it wasnt a big night of drinking but hey there were a few drinks involved, and leesh we are still waiting for your shout!! haha!!
anyway thanks guys i had a grat night and i loved the presents and the CARD!!!
byes xxx
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